from by Hours Eastly



Released on Three Prong Records


Everyone you love
Everyone you love
Gave you all they had
But even that was not enough
You turned and walked away
You turned and walked away
You knew that you’d be back
You’d have to think on what to say
I never left
I never said goodbye
I’ll only say goodnight
And in the morning when you rise
You’ll open up your eyes
And I’ll be right here by your side
Makin’ sure you feel love

Every time you hurt
Every time you hurt
People see you’re down
And come to kick you in the dirt
And every single time
You think that shit could not get worse
The hypocrites’ll kick a verse
Like they’re preachin’ in the church
I’ll never curse
I’ll never lie
Be the one to hold her
Give a shoulder when she cries
Make you smile ‘til I die
Be the sun to light your sky
Makin’ sure you feel love

Every lie you tell
Every lie you tell
You’re putin’ up your trust for sale
When the boy cried wolf
And ain’t nobody wanna help
If you lose a little pride
It might be just as well, yea
I got a bridge that could never burn
I’ll be your tether
When the weather wanna turn
If you ever feel alone
I’ll be there to guide you home
Makin’ sure you feel love

Everywhere you go
Everywhere you go
Bones been soaked
From the pillar to the post
All the reelin’ from the road
And now you’re feelin’ like a ghost
‘cause ya damn near broke
Everything you hold close now
I do believe you could use a break
In the middle of the day
I’ll deliver your shade
And if you ever feel afraid
I’ll be there to keep you safe
Makin’ sure you feel love


from Lost, track released October 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Hours Eastly Gainesville, Florida

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